Bike Improvement Meetings for Olmsted Parkways

Bike Lanes, chaining together access roads for bicycles, and bike paths are all in the mix for Southwestern, Algonquin, and Southern parkways, I’d wager. Come out and support better cycling facilities!

Via Metro Parks:

Louisville Metro Parks & Recreation will host a series of four public meetings to gather input on the Olmsted Parkways Shared Use Path, a bicycle/pedestrian improvement project. The focus of the meetings will be the proposed design for building a shared use path along the parkways, and the design for a road diet to allow for bicycle lanes along the parkways.

Meeting dates and locations:

  • 10/22 – 6pm-8pm – Southern Star Baptist, 2304 Algonquin Pkwy
  • 10/28 – 6pm-8pm – First Gethsemane Baptist, 1159 Algonquin Pkwy
  • 10/29 – 6pm-8pm – Shawnee Golf clubhouse, 460 Northwestern Pkwy
  • 11/4 – 6pm-8pm – Ashland Ave Firehouse, 501 Ashland Ave

The meeting begins with an open house at 6pm, with presentation of the plan at 7pm followed by a question and answer period.


2 thoughts on “Bike Improvement Meetings for Olmsted Parkways

  1. I missed the meeting at the Clifton Center last week but wanted to share tis with someone. For the past six months I have commuted to and from work everyday except for two. This is a 18 to 25 mile commute round trip usually along Bardstown Road into downtown. The biggest challenge I face is motorist awareness and education. I am hoping the following link will help encourage, excite and accelerate making Louisville a more bike friendly commuity

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