Little Bike Marking at Stop Lights

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what is this little bicycle marking is for. Why, it’s for getting you to ask questions, of course!

Do you see the vertical saw cut in the road that the marking goes over? That is a bundle of wires which will trigger the stoplight if you put a car over it. Your bike may also trigger it, if you manage to put your rims directly on it.  (and I mean directly!!) This only works on stop lights that function by detectors Рwhich is most of them, excepting of course downtown, Old Louisville, and the West end.

But if you see the saw cuts in the road, you can be sure it’s a light you can try to trigger, regardless of whether this little bike marking is there or not. If you have your choice of 3 cuts, aim for the middle one, it’s twice as sensitive.

Now you know!